Getting started

Install via npm or yarn:

npm install validator-fns
# or
yarn add validator-fns

Import everything:

import * as V from 'validator-fns';

Or just what you need (all examples in these docs will use this style):

import { string, required, email } from 'validator-fns';

Combine functions to create your validator:

const validateRequiredEmail = string(
required('Email address is required.'),
email('Must be a valid email address.')

Later, execute validator:

// Via async/await
const result = await validateRequiredEmail('');
// Or via Promise
validateRequiredEmail('').then((result) => {
// Process result here

Finally, take action on the validation result:

if (result.state === 'valid') {
// It's recommended to use the value from the result
// as transforms will be applied based on the type.
email: result.value,
} else {
// The message is the first matching one based on the
// triggered validation error.
email: result.message,